The Vocal Range Pantheon: Part Two

Here’s the second entry into our Vocal Range Pantheon – this brings us up to a hundred singers so far!
At this point, with a hundred singers a few comparisons could be made, for example:
Top Five Singers with the Largest Ranges (Thus Far):
1. Mike Patton (F1 – E7: 5 octaves, 11 semitones)
2. Christian Vander (A1 – C♯7: 5 octaves, 4 semitones)
3. Mariah Carey (G♯2 – G♯7: 5 octaves)
4. Tim Foust (C♯1 – A5: 4 octaves, 8 semitones)
5. Lene Lovich (A2 – C♯7: 4 octaves, 4 semitones)
Top Five Singers with the Smallest Ranges (Thus Far):
1. Ian Curtis (A2 – G4: 1 octave,  10 semitones)
2. Carole King (C♯3 – F♯5: 2 octaves, 5 semitones)
3=. Duffy (E3 – B♭5: 2 octaves, 6 semitones)
3=. Tony Bennett (F♯2 – C5: 2 octaves, 6 semitones)
5=. Janis Joplin (E3 – C6: 2 octaves, 8 semitones)
5=. Karen Carpenter (D3 – B♭5: 2 octaves, 8 semitones*)
5=. ZP Theart (B2 – G5: 2 octaves, 8 semitones)
Highest Female Notes (Thus Far):
1. Mariah Carey (G♯7)
2. Ariana Grande (E7)
3. Lene Lovich (C♯7)
4. Björk (B6)
5. Hayley Williams (G♯6)
Lowest Female Notes (Thus Far):
1. Alison Moyet (F♯2)
2=. Annie Lennox (G2)
2=. Aretha Franklin (G2)
2=. Etta James (G2)
2=. Miley Cyrus (G2)
Highest Male Notes (Thus Far):
1. Mike Patton (E7)
2. Christian Vander (C♯7)
3. Steven Tyler (E6)
4=. Bruce Dickinson (D6)
4=. Elton John (D6)
4=. Freddie Mercury (D6)
4=. Rance Allen (D6)
Lowest Male Notes (Thus Far):
1. Tim Foust (C♯1)
2=. Mike Patton (F1)
2=. Peter Steele (F1)
2=. Corey Taylor (F1)
5=. Barry White (F♯1)
5=. Elvis Presley (F♯1)
5=. Tom Jones (F♯1)
These lists are not definitive (and likely never will be) but we’ll keep updating them every few months as we do with the Pantheon.
Sources and Research Credits:
If you would like to learn more about these singers, where they hit their highest and lowest notes or simply more information on their vocal ranges, the links below will guide you to the research that has been done on them on the forum. You can PM the thread owners at
The singers used in this list are as follows:
Alison Moyet
Amy Lee
Ann Wilson
Barbra Streisand
Ben Gibbard
Beth Gibbons
Billy Joel
Bobby Darin
Cat Stevens
Chester Bennington
Christian Vander
Christina Grimmie
Corey Taylor
Dolores O’Riordan
Floor Jansen
Geddy Lee
George Michael
Gwen Stefani
Happy Rhodes
Hayley Williams
Ian Curtis
Jackie Wilson
Janis Joplin
Lene Lovich
Linda Ronstadt
Liz Fraser
Matt Bellamy
Mick Jagger
Miley Cyrus
Ozzy Osbourne
Patti Smith
Rance Allen
Robert Plant
Roy Orbison
Sara Bareilles
Sarah Brightman
Steven Tyler
Tendon Levey
Tim Buckley
Tim Foust
Vanessa Amorosi
Willie Nelson
ZP Theart

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