Tyler Joseph: B♭2 – A5

Background and Vocal Summary:
+++Tyler Joseph is an American multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Columbus, Ohio, best known as part of the alternative duo, Twenty One Pilots, typically stylized as “TWENTY ØNE PILØTS”. He began his music career in 2007 during high school by releasing his first and only solo album named No Phun Intended, before starting Twenty One Pilots with high school friends Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, releasing only one album under this lineup in 2009, before Nick and Chris left the band in 2011. During the same year, the lineup had changed to include Tyler Joseph, and Josh Dun, a drummer who had first played in another alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio, House of Heroes, releasing three albums under this lineup.
+++He manages to encompass a wide range of techniques and styles in his vocals, ranging from rapping, singing, and screaming. In terms of his lower register (F3 – B♭2), though it can be a bit weak and is used less commonly at times, it has a soft and light quality to it, if a bit unstable in pitch, lending nicely to their more relaxed songs. His upper register (E4 – D5), on the other hand, is strong and full of power, regardless of the amount of grit and distortion that he applies to his singing in that area. His belts can range from quite operatic in nature, to harshly distorted screams and sung notes that can be quite terrifying to hear. His falsetto is usually on the weaker end and possesses a wobbly quality, but he has demonstrated it to occasionally sound quite stable; for example, the D5s in The Judge, his best example of falsetto so far.
As part of The Range Place forum, we have extensively kept track of Tyler’s singing from F3 below and A4 above. The overview of the research that has been done for Tyler can be seen on his thread on The Range Place.
The above image is a representation of Tyler’s range on a piano. His highest note of A5, and his lowest note of B♭2, have both been labelled red, with middle C (C4) in grey for reference.tylerjosephinfo
Vocal Range Video:
About the Researcher:
Infernus2 is a range advisor who had joined the website in late 2015, before making his first thread in early 2016. He is best recognizable for his work, alongside Platypus, on the thread that was made for Ray Charles, as well as for creating threads for Tyler Joseph and Michael Bublé. He has a strong interest in indie artists as well, making threads for singers such as Jude Perl and Evan Stephens Hall. For any questions about the thread, you can direct them to him through his personal messages on The Range Place, after registering for an account.
Photo by Reel Bear Media, taken in 2014.

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