Jack Conte: A2 – C♯6

Background and Vocal Summary:
+++Jack Conte is best known for being the main instrumentalist and occasional backing vocalist of the indie rock band Pomplamoose, alongside his wife Nataly Dawn, which was founded in 2008, but he also has a solo project where he experiments with eclectic instrumentation, often Radiohead-esque in sound, and a unique singing style that focuses on high falsetto, both signature traits of his overall music style. In 2017, he also became the keyboardist of funk band, Scary Pockets. Aside from his music career, he is also the founder of Patreon, a website that allows all artists to have a much more reliable way of making an income online.
+++His chest register, albeit a bit limited in terms of range, is incredibly well controlled on most pitches that are contained within it (A2 – A4), with only a loss of control around and below the pitch of C3, where most attempts at melodic singing below C3 result in a whisper meant to be a certain pitch instead of actual sung notes (“Bloody Nose” [B2], “Long Long Time Ago” [A2]), a trait that appears to be natural to tenors similar to him. In addition to this, he is capable of sustaining notes at great length in this area of his voice, even with belts near the edge of his belting range (“Yeah Yeah Yeah (V1)”, “Kitchen Fork”, “Eat”).
+++His falsetto register, however, is what is often heard in his songs, and he possesses amazing control over all notes within that register, having the capability of switching between chest and falsetto immediately without difficulty (“Eat”, “Passenger Seat”); the ability to manipulate his tone to go from calm and relaxed (same songs previously mentioned), to a more terrified, fearful sound (“Bloody Nose”, “Like a Match”); and the ability to sustain notes in this register for long periods of time, even when he uses his more strained tone to sing them (“Like a Match”).
As part of The Range Place forum, we have extensively kept track of Conte’s singing from F3 below and A4 above. The overview of the research that has been done for Conte can be seen on his thread on The Range Place.
The above image is a representation of Conte’s range on a piano. His highest note of C6, and his lowest note of A2, have both been labelled red, with middle C (C4) in grey for reference.
Vocal Range Video:
Best Vocal Performances:
The following are subjective and may be up for discussion or future modification.
1. Like A Match
2. Kitchen Fork
3. Eat
4. Passenger Seat
5. Flavors
6. Get It Out
7. Lonely Ghost
8. Bloody Nose
9. Oh Hell
10. Yeah Yeah Yeah V1
About the Researcher:
Infernus2 is a range advisor who had joined the website in late 2015, before making his first thread in early 2016. He is best recognizable for his work, alongside Platypus, on the thread that was made for Ray Charles, as well as for creating threads for Tyler Joseph and Michael Bublé. He has a strong interest in indie artists as well, making threads for singers such as Jude Perl and Evan Stephens Hall. For any questions about this blog post and its associated thread, you can direct them to him through his personal messages on The Range Place, after registering for an account.
Photo by Justin Russell, taken in 2011.

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