Welcome to The Range Place, a site that documents vocal range in singers and musicians. Our community has existed as a forum since 2010 and over time we have worked toward complete vocal range research on several popular singers. Gradually we will share posts for different singers with detailed analysis and research of their career as a singer.
Each post will include the singer’s name and significant vocal range in the title. Here is a simple table of contents that applies to each post:
– Mini Biography and Extended Vocal Summary
– Voice Graph and Infographic
– A link to complete research on vocal range on our forum
– Vocal Timeline
– Spotify Playlist for Top Performances
– Brief information on researcher(s) and a way to contact them on our forum for any questions
To join us in research (or just to have fun), click here: http://therangeplace.boards.net
To look at the current list of available posts, click here. An index of the current posts is up at this page.